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Small & Medium scale enterprises

Did you know that you are able to become a part of our corporate events? V8 has trained and mentored over 200 Entrepreneurs and currently houses over 25 Companies at V8 Valley.

V8 Academy

Our training platform, V8 Academy is the learning and development arm that empowers African entrepreneurs on their journey to building great companies. We deliver a range of learning and development material. V8 Academy partners with a lot of experts in different fields and sectors ranging from Financial Management, Technology, Legal Services, Digital Marketing, Business Development and many others to deliver Mentorship, Meet-Ups, Training, Corporate Networking events and Masterclasses.

Who can Attend?

Our events are open to both Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs), Entrepreneurs, Captains of Industry, Staff, Students, and anybody who is interested in learning and becoming more enlightened through any of our training and events.

Become a Partner

Even though we have formed many partnerships over the years, we are always open to collaborating with new companies and Entrepreneurs in order to strengthen the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem by creating a  community that is well invested in growth and development. We also provide entrepreneurs with the access to investors, renowned mentors and coaches,  So what are you waiting for? Become a V8 Partner today. All you have to do is contact us at info@v8africa.com or call +2348099526038. We look forward to working with you!

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